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Devil Town Revised

Today I was in a bad mood, but then I started to sing that song “Devil Town” (here’s a link if you haven’t heard it ) This song alone usually makes me feel better, since It reminds me of “Friday Night Lights.” But today I discovered something amazing. I simply changed the words from “Devil Town” to “Deviled Egg” and I was transformed. Then I realized I could change the whole song using a deviled egg theme. It became:

I was living in a deviled egg

I didn’t know it was a deviled egg

Oh lord it really brings me down about the deviled egg.

All my friends were mayonnaise

I didn’t know they were mayonnaise

It turns out I was the paprika in the deviled egg.

I suppose this would mean nothing to you if you don’t know the song. But this has dramatically changed my life.