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The Dentist

The other day I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. The dentist causes a lot of problems for me, the first being, what do I do with my eyes? Should I keep them shut as I get my teeth cleaned? Should I stare into my dentists’ eyes or into the light? No matter what I choose for my eyes, the fact that I’m lying down with someone’s hand in my mouth just seems too intimate for me. The conversation also proves difficult. This time was no different. While my dentist was flossing my teeth she was telling me about her recent vacation to Colorado. I decided I could add to the conversation by saying one of my conversation go-to words, “really” not realizing how much it would require me to move my tongue. As I said it I licked her hand. She seemed surprised as she quickly took her hand out of my mouth. After that she stopped flossing, but continued the conversation and it took everything in my power not to laugh, as I looked her in the eyes, pretending I was listening, but really only thinking about how I had licked her. Luckily I made it through the rest of the appointment sans laughter and licking. I also have no cavities and she said I’ve done a good job flossing. 

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