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A couple of days ago I was walking and eating a sandwich. I started kind of choking but I didn’t have any water. So I just kept eating the sandwich, trying to wash the food lodged in my throat down with more food. Obviously that didn’t work. But still I kept doing it and kept on walking, pretty much on the verge of death. Then one of those guys selling tickets to a comedy show started talking to me. I obviously couldn’t talk, just shook my head, my mouth full of sandwich and my eyes filled with fear. The guy looked worried for me, but I kept moving and kept eating. Eventually the sandwich was washed down with more sandwich and I was happy again. But this experience got me thinking, I’d rather choke and die on a sandwich than talk to a stranger. It was really a shame because it was painful and also I didn’t get to enjoy my sandwich at all. Needless to say, I won’t be walking with sandwiches anymore.

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